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Presto Ventures is a Prague-based VC firm focusing on early-stage B2B software startups and online marketplaces from the wider CEE region.

Presto Ventures | General Partners
The Presto Partners | Vojta Rocek, Roman Novacek, Premysl Rubes, Milan Lupac, and Eduard Kucera

Presto Ventures is a Prague-based investment firm that focuses on early-stage B2B software startups and online marketplaces led by founders from CEE+, the wider region of Central and Eastern Europe – including the Baltics, Balkans, and South Caucasus.

With over 50 portfolio companies and counting, Presto Ventures stands out as one of the region's most dynamic venture capital firms. In 2022 alone, they successfully closed 24 new deals. Backed exclusively by entrepreneurs and exited startup founders, Presto serves as a vital link that connects the flourishing CEE tech ecosystem with major Western markets.

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For startups

We empower talented startup founders from the wider CEE region. As our name suggests, speed is key to our mission. We act quickly to help you progress quickly – supporting you in fast learning, fast business development, and, ultimately, fast growth.

Presto is built by founders for founders. Our network is always ready to lend a hand in areas where it matters most – sales, marketing, and hiring.

Our notable investments include IP Fabric, Cloudtalk, Ready Player Me, Woltair, Oddin, Sharry, Yieldigo, Omofox, Inventoro, Finmap, Okredo, and

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For investors

Presto invests in fast growing tech companies. We have a great track record, clear and proven investment focus, and the chops to become the #1 VC firm in the CEE+ region.

In 2024, we're opening Fund III to capitalize on opportunities coming from the latest CEE market developments. Visit our site to learn more about our investment philosophy.

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